Strathmore Lodge 53 




“The purpose of my work was never to destroy but always to create, to construct bridges, because we must live in the hope that humankind will draw together and that the better we understand each other the easier this will become.”

Brother Alphonse Mucha



Past Events


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This evening, the brethren of Strathmore Lodge No.53 installed PGM John Cameron as Worshipful Master for the upcoming Masonic year along with his officers.


The brethren of Strathmore join together in wishing MWBro. Cameron the best of success in the upcoming Masonic year.     




On Dec.9 


Member representatives of the Masonic Foundation of Alberta met with the Strathmore Arts Collective (SARC) to present a cheque in the amount of $2000 Shown are RWBro.


Doug Barnard, RWBro.Ted Currie and WBro. Geoff Wilson making the presentation to Brandy Hebbes and Wanda Reinholdt.







WM-elect Cameron presenting $5000 to Donalda Ledene, Chair of 2015 55+ Summer Games which will be held July 16-19, 2015 in Strathmore.


Cllr. Sobel and Mayor Worshipful Michael Ell supervising.


Strathmore Lodge qualifies as a Gold Sponsor.









This afternoon, RWBro. Gary Lyons and wife Joyce celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary.


Many friends and brethren gathered to congratulate them on this notable achievement. 








This evening the Brethren of Strathmore Lodge gathered to welcome RWBro.Brian Ireland on the occasion of his Official visit. He was accompanied by several Grand Lodge officers. 





For a special departure from the usual practice of having a guest speaker address the brethren in the Lodge setting.


Capt. Barry Duffield (ret.) was invited to address the Lodge members during the Festive Board. Capt. Duffield spoke to the brethren about the aims of the organization in regard to youth aged 12 - 19.


Following his address the brethren presented a sizable cash collection to be used in assisting the local Squadron.





Sept.8, 2014 


This evening, the Brethren of Strathmore Lodge No. 53 gathered to present a long overdue 50 yr.Past Masters Jewel to RWBro. John Scheer. Following the presentation RWBro. Scheer addressed the brethren and covered  a number of interesting anecdotes arrising from his long association with the Lodge .






Over the past summer WBro Geoff Scott and wife Madeline (on the right)  celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary.


Also featured are RWBro John Scheer and wife Ann who were in attendance at the ceremony.


RWBro Scheer was the guest soloist during the signing of the register with the singing of "Oh Perfect Love"  







Mar.8, 2014


This afternoon, the brethren of Strathmore Lodge no.53 joined with several brethren from Drumheller Lodge to confer the Master Mason degree on four candidates.


After a quick lunch provided by JW Bro.Al Gingell, the work proceded and all in attendance enjoyed a good presentation of the Ritual. 





Several brethren met at the Strathmore Civic Center to present the Masonic Higher Education Bursary opportunities to interested High School students.

A number of  interested parents and students stopped by for more information




It was brought to the attention of the brethren of Strathmore Lodge that many young children were having difficulty learning how to skate properly.

Rather than using the standard chair as a skating support, some brethren searched out a Skate Assist unit which seemed to be the best hieght for the young beginners.